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Locks and keys are not just adornments for your door, they have a function and an important one. They serve as the first barrier of safety between you and an intruder. Even though these contraptions have been around for centuries, they have now come a long way from being simple locks and keys. The advancement in this trade has not only made locks more complex for miscreants but also for its genuine users sometimes. Therefore, it is not unlikely to be locked out of your own home or forgetting the passkey to enter your office. If you ever find yourself in that situation and need a trusted locksmith in Queens New York, then you should call no one but New York Locksmith Store. As a leading locksmith in New York NY, we can assure you that you will not only get premium affordable service but also within minutes of making that distress call! Be it a commercial locksmith in New York or a residential locksmith, we can service every door and every lock. All you need do is give us a call at 212-918-5470 and help us help you! 

About us

New York is one of the largest cities in the countries and is also densely populated. Needless to say, the crime rate in the city is also unusually high, compared to other parts of United States. As a result, starting our locksmith operations in New York was not so much a business opportunity as it was the necessity. We saw the rising number of thefts and burglaries in the city and decided to lend our expertise as locksmiths to help residents secure their premises. Thus began New York Locksmith Store tryst with the locksmith trade.

To make that happen, we hired a team of highly skilled professionals who had the training and the expertise to tackle all kinds of locks. Our motto from the first day was to make quality service available to everyone. With our continued commitment to quality and affordable pricing, it was only a matter of time when we became a trusted locksmith in New York NY. It has been a decade since then that we have been serving the local community for their commercial, residential, and automotive locksmith needs.

If you need any assistance, be it emergency or otherwise, you can simply dial 212-918-5470 and we will be happy to send our best men to your doorstep!

Why Us?

With so many locksmiths in Queens New York, why is it that you should trust us? We’ll tell you why.

New York Locksmith Store has been in the locksmith business for now 10 years. We understand the demands of this business like the back of our hands and have been delivering as per the needs of our clients since our inception. What’s more? We are the best residential, automotive, and commercial locksmith in New York. We have a wide spectrum of service offerings which means that once you call us, you don't have to go anywhere else for any locksmith need.

Stuck outside your car? Broke your door lock trying to close it? Forget the combination to your file cabinet at work? Don't worry because we can do it all and more. You can call us for anything from a lock change to complete installation of a security system on your premises. We are indispensable part of the community because we give our clients the peace of mind that help is always just a phone call away. 

From providing reliable emergency assistance in under 30 minutes and affordable service, you can easily depend on us for all your locksmithing needs.

Standard Pricing

New York Locksmith Store is perhaps the only locksmith in New York NY that doesn’t charge you an exorbitant price for serving you round-the-clock. When we started operations 10 years ago, we decided to keep our rates standard, no matter when our assistance is required. As a result, our clients are able to seek immediate assistance without worrying about the abnormally high prices that most locksmiths charge for working outside the 9-5 window.

24/7 Service

As a locksmith service provider, we understand that the need for our assistance may arise at any time during the day. So if you are struggling with a locked door on a cold winter night or broke a key in your car ignition outside the gas station, just simply pick up the phone and dial 212-918-5470. When you call us, we dispatch our team immediately so that it can reach you in time and resolve your concern on the spot.

Our Services

We are the leading providers of locksmith services in New York NY. Some of our service include the following:

  • Automotive locksmith services:Even if you are the most organized person, it is still possible for you to lose your keys. When they are locked out of your car, the first and the most common mistake one makes is to try and force their way inside. By doing that, you are not only risking yourself but also damaging your car in the process. So instead of acting irrationally, consider calling New York Locksmith Store. As a trusted automotive locksmith in Queens New York, we will guarantee you quick service and that too at your doorstep.
  • Residential locksmith services:As is with everything else around your house, your door locks too need maintenance and upgrade from time to time. A locksmith can not only check your doors and locks for safety but can also assess the overall security situation of your house to ensure everything is in order. New York Locksmith Store provides a comprehensive range of residential locksmith services that includes emergency services, lock change/replacement, home lockout, new lock installation, rekeying etc. If you feel like your door locks are acting up or your home security needs an upgrade, then consider giving us a call at 212-918-5470 and discuss your requirements with us.
  • Commercial locksmith services:One would think that office lockouts do not happen but they do. It does not always happen due to lost keys. Sometimes, your technical commercial locking systems may get jammed, leaving you stranded outside. This is when you should call New York Locksmith Store, a reputed commercial locksmith in New York, who understand the building code and local laws to provide you with compliance-friendly, reliable service. We provide lock replacement, new lock installation, installation of digital locks, lockout assistance, and lots more. If you need any help with the locks at your office, then trust no one but us.
  • Emergency locksmith services:A break-in or a lost key can be considered as locksmith emergencies. These are also the times when we are likely to act irresponsibly and take matters in our own hands. But we advise you against it and recommend you to give us a call instead. We provide a robust 24/7 emergency locksmith service to all our patrons in New York NY. We have fully equipped mobile vans that will reach your location in less than 30 minutes of receiving your call.

So what are you waiting for? Do you need a trustworthy locksmith in New York to install a new home security system or need an expert who can guide you about commercial locks? Just pick up the phone and call 212-918-5470. The team of trained professionals at New York Locksmith Store will be happy to help you.


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